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Practicing with the Best: My Acro Yoga & Flow Arts Beachside Community

Community has always been important to me, and when I moved to San Diego I was blessed to discover how strong the network is here. Two places you will almost ALWAYS find me during the day are Ocean Beach on Wednesdays for Acro Jam and Sundays for Flow Jam/Circus Arts.

Every Wednesday, starting around 3 pm at the grass area at the end of Santa Monica Street, in Ocean Beach, the Acro-Yogis gather. All levels, old and new, and all ages unite to practice the art of partner acrobatics, acro-balancing, and stretching. It’s a sight to behold! Sometimes we go until sunset with up to 40 of us practicing our craft and taking our practice to new heights.

Every Sunday, starting at 11 am, I make sure to get a good parking spot in Ocean Beach so that I can help hold down the Flow and Circus Arts Jam at the end of Saratoga St on the greens. A lot of the Acro – Yogis are friends of ours and will stop by too, but Sunday has always been a day that performers (ranging from local to world class) will gather to move and dance to music and refine our performance talents. Many of us are what you would call Flow Artists or Object Manipulators, ranging from jugglers, hoopers, poi spinners, or basically any tool/toy/object that you develop a practice around. Sometimes we are lucky when Circus Mafia brings out their aerial equipment and there is silks, lyra, and tapeze, overlooking the beautiful ocean! I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by so many strong willed and dedicated individuals. Stop on by when you see us practicing, we are always happy to share our skills!

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