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Client satisfaction--and transformation--is at the heart of my work.
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"I've had several very good personal trainers over the years, and no slight to them, but Nick Capobianco is simply in a higher category." 


Nick has a deeper understanding of anatomy and kinesology, and a broader range of exercises to draw from, which meant trainings have been better tailored to my specific needs.

I first started working with Nick when I was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.  Nick understood my (also wonderful) physical therapist's goals and treatment plan, and Nick's training meshed perfectly with them.  Some years later, unrelated to Nick's training, I developed a different exercise-related injury, and again Nick's knowledge helped him complement my physical therapy, leading to a total resolution.

When I'm not dealing with an injury, which fortunately has been the vast bulk of the time, my work with Nick has produced clear improvements in posture, strength, and endurance.

Also important, Nick is encouraging, supportive, and very pleasant to work with.  He motivates me without coming across like a drill sargent.

I'm happy to give Nick Capobianco my strongest recommendation.


- Daniel Konigsbach 


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"Nick Capobianco is an amazing trainer. He is incredibility innovative in his exercise and workout routines." 


I had not worked out for 30+ years but decided to take the plunge. I tried several trainers but just did not feel comfortable with them.


Then I met Nick!


He wanted to know about me and what possible injuries I had/have. I had a bad knee that kept me from most types of exercise. Nick ensured that exercises were done to strengthen the knee. He would frequently ask how the knee felt. Nick has a vested interest in his clients results.


After about 6 months of strengthening the muscles around the knee I could exercise without any pain to my knee. At that point Nick began pushing me to limits I never thought I could get to. I was amazed and I continue to learn from him.


Nick is not just a trainer, he continues to educate me about why we were doing certain exercises and needing to be sure that the right posture is also used. I highly recommend Nick as a trainer for anyone at any fitness level. He is amazing! 

- Laurie Hamilton


"My physician commented on a recent visit I made 'Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. Nobody EVER gets the results you do.' " 


At 84, I feel better at this age going to the gym than I did in 1979.  When I met Nick I had a lot of work to do. I couldn’t get up and down off the ground with any ease. My shoulders were frozen from the poor healing of a past injury. My stability was shaky.  In less than 2 years, I have lost 38 lbs. My posture has greatly improved and my shoulders have triple the mobility they used to. My general equilibrium has progressed to being able to place one leg on a raised surface to do squats.


I could barely tie my shoes from a seated position, and now I can almost touch my toes. 


I continue to amaze myself, my family, and all those around me as I gets the most out of every day of this life while still transforming my body.  Working with Nick gives me the right guidance and I bring the right attitude--with that, anything is possible.  


- Ed Meza


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