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WeckSteps - The greatest gift you can give your feet

The WeckSteps are finally out, and all of humankind is better from them. Seriously, I have never raved about a tool like this one. It is greater to me than both the BOSU and the RMT club that I already held dear in my practice. The reason is the Wecksteps transcend ‘working out’ or fitness, they apply to all populations and all situations. They’ll fix you, they’ll fix your kid who plays sports, they’ll fix your grandpa who’s 80+ years old. A truly universal invention.

The Wecksteps are intelligently engineered with Chinese Meridians & functional anatomy in mind. They prevent collapse entirely on the medial/inside edge of the foot, and allow the user to find more surface on the ball of the foot that matters. Coaches at Weckmethod like to refer to the ‘green dot of the foot’ as being on the 4th and 5th metatarsals which will be greatly enhanced by effort on the Steps. You will find the arch supports in shoes pale in comparison to the bio feedback that the Wecksteps provide.

How do you use them? Stand on them, work out on them, walk with them. You can be endlessly creative with how to apply to your own life. The Steps are mobile, and can be positioned in any variety of ways. Think of map, and use the ‘Weck45’ Diagram to position the feet in a variety of different ways to tap into different muscle pathways that get neglected by wearing shoes. You CAN wear footwear on them and still get feedback, BUT you will always get better feedback working completely barefoot and trying to transfer that feedback over to whatever surface or footwear you are using. Once you stand on 2 feet, play around with 1 foot progressions, play around with squats, upgrade to more fun if you want to workout and do something like KettleBell swings. The only limit is your imagination and ingenuity. The most basic minimal way to use them is to simply have them underneath your feet while sitting in a chair watching TV, or standing on them while doing dishes in the kitchen. has a membership program $11/m or $111 year for exclusive information on how to use the Steps, enhance movement, and develop meridian meditation. It is a membership well worth having. Currently the item is only available with membership, but it is this humble trainer’s humble opinion that anyone with back, foot, or knee pain especially should jump on board and try these out immediately. They really have changed mine and SOOOOOO many other people’s lives already even in prototype phase and product testing.

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