Balancing the Practice

If a person goes too far in any one direction or does too much of any one thing, it can be at the cost of well being. A fundamental concept in Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine is to ‘bring 5 elements to balance.’ This can mean many different things to many different people, but basically it means you can’t (or shouldn’t) always focus on the ‘easy’ and the ‘strong.’ To progress development and to find inner peace sometime it actually pays more to focus on the ‘difficult’ or the

Practicing with the Best: My Acro Yoga & Flow Arts Beachside Community

Community has always been important to me, and when I moved to San Diego I was blessed to discover how strong the network is here. Two places you will almost ALWAYS find me during the day are Ocean Beach on Wednesdays for Acro Jam and Sundays for Flow Jam/Circus Arts. Every Wednesday, starting around 3 pm at the grass area at the end of Santa Monica Street, in Ocean Beach, the Acro-Yogis gather. All levels, old and new, and all ages unite to practice the art of partner acro