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Nick Capobianco

Fitness Professional

My knowledge and passion for training comes from deep personal experience. 


I was born with Scoliosis of the spine and my right leg was structurally twisted.  Growing up, I noticed so many kids around me had flexibility and ease of movement.  I always felt weak and uncoordinated.  I couldn’t even sit cross legged comfortably.  For years I avoided sports and physical activity.  In my teens and early twenties, when I did go to the gym, I did everything I could possibly do wrong.  The result was shoulder, knee, and lower back injuries, significant pain, and substance abuse problems.  There were some days where I felt pain in almost every one of my joints.


When I was about twenty-three, I made a major turnaround.  I enjoy telling people that all of my greatest accomplishments came AFTER all of those things mentioned above.  When I damaged my A/C joint bench pressing I couldn’t even do a pushup, now I can do handstands effortlessly.  When my knee was at its worst, I was standing on one leg by the end of a day; just a few years later, I’m doing aerial circus arts and partner acrobatics.  Every day, I wake up and I feel better and stronger than the previous day. 


Around me, I see many people who are subtracting things from their life causing them to lose abilities as time goes on.  My philosophy is to add things to your physical routine.  It will help you evolve. Through a deep knowledge of fitness training, I overcame many obstacles and transformed my body.  I know you can too.  Let me show you how.

5 Elements for a Balanced Body

In the Eastern school of thought the 5 elements are used as the foundation for philosophy and medical application - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.  These 5 elements are in all of us, in all things.  When they are in balance a person's life is happy and healthy.  When they are unbalanced, a person's life is full of trouble and suffering. 


Learning about yourself as a being of both energy and physicality gives greater insight into the best way to develop the body and the right techniques to use. Don't think of it as 'weightlifting' 'yoga' 'acrobatics' etc.  All of these are 'training.'


Each person has a different best training.  It is important to customize the methods and techinques. This is what makes 5 Elements a unique training program.  It is NOT 'one size fits all'.  An individual trained in 5 element fitness will get exactly the type of training that they both want and need for their own unique physique, structure, and aptitude.  All with the goal of bringing the 5 elements into balance.  

Earth = Grounding

Muscle building and toning exercises from weightlifting, to Acro Yoga, to Kettle Bell and Cable Exercises - whatever tools best serve the individual

Metal = Power/Flight

Running, jumping, or flying (just ask).  Not only explosive techniques with the body, but ways to focus the breath and put more KI into movements.

Water = Healing and Fluidity Techniques

Techniques to feel good cover anything in the realm of neuro stretching, active release, or the specialized yoga techniques that you wouldn't find in a traditional class.  Not everyone comes here to be put through the ringer - many just want to feel at peace and decrease pain and suffering.

Wood = Flexibility & Sustainability

Flexibility is whatever an individual needs to work on to stay open and mobile as they age, similarly learning to grow food will keep your options open.  Cultivating body and/or nature both focus on longevity.

Fire = What YOU love to do

Emphasizing doing what you love to do allows the freedom to explore whichever of my specialties applies most to you, allowing us to work together towards a better body and health through enjoyment, passion, and fun.

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