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Fitness & Flow

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

My approach to training is grounded in the philosophy of keeping the 5 elements of your body in balance.  I specialize in the areas below, but use all to create a completely customized training program for each individual based on their needs and goals.
Through corrective exercise, deep knowledge of the physical body, and human movement, I help my clients to achieve long-term and lasting results.  Work with me and discover how to train your body to be at its best.

Fully insured, professional training.

Techniques & Training

Inspired by Deep Knowledge


My techniques are customized for each client in order to help them achieve results that fit their lifestyle and personal goals.  In my practice I draw upon the following areas which are my specialties: 



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Personal Fitness 
and Performance Art

San Diego, CA & Surrounding Areas



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Resistance Training


Use of cables, free weights, elastics, bodyweight exercises, TRX straps, BOSU, & balance tools.



Health and Weight Loss

​Unique to each individual's needs, I utilize the formats and techniques that the individual prefers, or is best suited for, in order to create habits that lead to positive health changes.


Olympic Weightlifting


Body changing exercises revolving around use of Clean, Jerk, & Snatch.  Foundational exercises are taught alongside resistance training and power assistance movements are taught to enhance the overall skill of the individual or technique pertaining to a functional activity



Outside of the classroom Yoga may be taught alongside other training goals or stand alone for those to deepen their personal practice.  Versed in Vinyasa(movement/flow) and Hatha(longer holds, less transition) as well as several guided meditation techniques.  Personal practice design is available with 100% unique tailoring to the individual. Focus in my practice of Yoga is always on proper alignment, connection to breath, and unique physical concerns.

Corrective Exercise


Neuromuscular stretching, Chronic or Acute Injury Recovery, Functional rehabilitation, Active Release techniques, foam rolling techniques.  May be stand-alone or alongside other training practices.  



Flow Arts Instruction

Also known as “object manipulation.”  Learning how to move your body around an external object serves to enhance dancing, functional coordination, or other skill development.  My specialties are the Rope Dart and Meteor, with the ability to teach basic skills in Poi, staff, and sword.  

My Experience & Training

I have been privilaged to study and train at the following institutions and with the following teachers:


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Actively hands on practicing and teaching Circus arts such as Acro and Rope Dart 8+ years with teachers from around the world.

  • Sports Performance Certifed in Clean/Jerk/Snatch weightlifting training from USA Olymipic coaches at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center 

  • PranaVayu Yoga: An international style of Vinyasa yoga designed with a focus on skeletal alignment and incorporating intensive Buddhist-inspired techniques.  I am a 200 Hr graduate and personal student of school’s founder David Magone.

  • ZEN-Vinyasa (Yoga23): The 23 tradition emphasizes efficiency and safety.  I was a personal student of Konstantin Bazarov and one of the few American students of Yoga23.

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