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Performance & Fitness Inspired by Fire & Flow 

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Personal Fitness 
and Performance Art

San Diego, CA & Surrounding Areas



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Fall 2021 Updates:  

Coming soon.


5 Elements for Balanced Fitness


Learn more about how my unique approach to fitness and health, inspired by the elements, can help you discover your best body.

New Videos

Check out the new videos on my Instruction Page, which include my recent fire performances, partner acrobatics/acrobatic yoga, and educational videos.  Content is always being added and updated!





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Transformative Fitness Superior Results

Expert fitness training is grounded in correcting your habits and your movement so that you can strengthen and improve your body.  I succeed in helping my clients transform their bodies regardless of age, injury, or athleticism.  Through corrective exercise, deep knowledge of the physical body, and human movement, I help my clients to achieve long-term and lasting results.  Work with me and discover how to train your body to be at its best.




Expert Training


  • Corrective Exercise

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Health and Weight Loss

  • Yoga

  • Qi Gong

  • Fire Performance

  • Aerial/Acro Performance

  • Flow Art Performance ​​​​​​​​​



​Here are some of the groups and vendors, which I am proud to partner with and recommend.

  • Weckmethod Coach proud to always offer 10% off ALL products and services from with code WMA53 at checkout! 

  • Instructor with UCSD Fitlife on and off campus with UCSD.  check out page for fit rec pass:

  • Instructor/member/affiliate of The Rope Dart Academy. The best professional rope dart training, flow and fire equipment, & instruction.

  • Ambassador to Jumbie Art.  Clothing for performances, practice and festivals. 

  • Equipped by Dark Monk.  Trusted flow and fire equipment.

  • Equipped by Fire Groove.  Trusted flow and fire equipment.




“Around me, I see many people who are subtracting things from their life causing them to lose abilities as time goes on.  My philosophy is to add things to your physical routine.  It will help you evolve. Through a deep knowledge of fitness training, I overcame many obstacles and transformed my body.  I know you can too.” - Nicholas Capobianco
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